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Health Screening Services
Within one hour of admission to a Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS) facility, a health screening will be conducted on every youth to ensure the identification and treatment of any health condition requiring immediate medical care. The health screening consists of structured interview and observation.

On-site medical personnel will normally conduct the health screening. During the hours when on-site medical personnel are not available, the health screening will be conducted by personnel trained by medical staff in the collection of health-related information. Any health screenings conducted by non-medical personnel shall be reviewed by medical staff within 24 hours of admission. As part of the health screening, a PPD test is administered to screen for the existence of tuberculosis, as recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Every youth will have the opportunity to be tested for any communicable diseases, if requested by the youth. If documentation is provided that such testing has been recently completed, the procedure will not be repeated unless it is medically indicated. Pregnancy testing is completed by medical personnel, if requested by a youth, and appropriate follow-up care will be provided.

Medical/Dental Services
Medical and dental services will be provided to MAYS by a contracted medical provider. Services will consist of a physical examination of all new youth within 1 week of admission, routine "sick calls," and follow-up examinations. A physician(s) will be available (on-call) to the facilities 24 hours a day for medical problems. When a medical issue is unable to be treated at the facilities, the youth will be secured and transported to an identified hospital in the area.

Dental services will be available through a contract with a dental provider. The dentist, in accordance with his status as an independent contractor, will perform initial dental examinations and cleanings on all new youth within one month of admission, and every six months thereafter. Routine dental care is provided to youth on an on-going basis.

Nursing Services
Nursing services will be provided by a contracted medical provider. Nursing staff will be present at the program for 16 hours per day. The nursing staff administers medication and is responsible for all medical treatment ordered by the physician, dentist, psychiatrists, and/or referral physicians.

Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy services will be provided by a licensed, contract pharmacist. The contract pharmacist will review all resident medications on a quarterly basis, monitor all controlled substances on a weekly basis, dispose of discontinued medications, and provide updated pharmaceutical information to the nursing staff.

Laboratory Services
Upon admission, routine laboratory services are ordered by the physician for each resident. All blood samples will be drawn by a member of the nursing staff skilled in venipuncture. Routine admission laboratory work consists of a PPD (TB test), Serology (Syphilis), and Sickle Cell Screening (African-American residents who have no verificaton of prior testing).

Emergency Services
Emergency medical and psychiatric treatment is available to all residents from qualified professional health care service providers. In addition, all staff will be trained in First Aid/CPR which will allow them to immediately respond to medical emergencies. When acute medical care is needed, staff will contact emergency medical services. When hospitalization is needed, youth will be mechanically secured and transported by ambulance. Staff will maintain arms length supervision of the youth at all times.

Crisis Intervention
All staff will be trained and certified in safety practices, basic First Aid, CPR, exposure control, suicide prevention, and SCM (Safe Crisis Management, therapeutic crisis intervention techniques). These certifications are reviewed and/or recertified yearly. Staff are trained in identification of crises, de-escalation techniques, follow-up counseling (including the Life-Space Interview), and special safe physical restraint techniques.

Dietary Services
Dietary services will be provided through a contracted food-service provider and will ensure that all youth receive adequate nutrition. Special dietary needs are met after being identified by the nursing staff.

A registered dietician will be responsible for approving menus. Dietary staff will adhere to regulatory-body standards regarding food preparation, food service, storage, and sanitation. Menus will rotate on a cyclical basis, allowing for varied tastes and preferences.

On a weekly basis, residents will be assigned chores to ensure cleanliness and sanitation of the facility. Areas that will be cleaned are personal bedrooms, restrooms, showers, living area, cafeteria, common areas, classrooms, and laundry rooms.

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