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Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS) is one of several progams chosen to be part of the PACTT (Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training Alliance). Being part of the PACTT alliance allows MAYS to be a part of a credit recovery program, allowing youth to make up for lost education time. With PA certified teaches in each classroom, state of the art equipment and small classroom size, youth at MAYS are able to improve thheir academic competencies. Educational services are provided on a year round basis.

Mid Atlantic Youth Services received a private educational license in 2011. Now both facilities have the ability to award diplomas to graduating youth.

Youth at both facilities are able to enroll in the Intensive GED Tutoring class and take the exam while placed with MAYS. Youth who have finished their high school requirements, are able to participate in college course work via the internet, become part of the Job Readiness Program and or enroll in one our Vocational Programs.

Building Career Success by Lab-Volt®
Building Career Success helps students begin to develop the skills they will need to succeed in the career they choose, including good communication skills, important workplace skills, career planning capabilities, leadership skills, and job search skills. Students also learn how to manage their income wisely, which includes understanding credit, managing spending, and banking and investment options.

Exploring Electricity by Lab-Volt®
Exploring Electricity teaches students the basic characteristics of simple electrical circuits. The Module is supplied with a built-in regulated 12-Vdc power supply. Other components include a digital multimeter, and electric relay, and an assortment of lamps, switches, and resistors.

Students build a variety of circuits using wire leads. There are series circuits, parallel circuits, and logic circuits. Students also learn how to calculate electric values and measure them with a digital multimeter.

Residential Wiring by Lab-Volt®
This 10-unit course is an introduction to residential electrical wiring. Students consider the many factors of wiring new circuits in the home. Topics such as safety, wiring techniques, wire gauge selection, coaxial cables, telephone wire, service panels, circuit breakers, and the National Electrical Code are discussed. Students gain practical experience wiring switches, outlets, light fixtures, doorbells, phone jacks, and cable TV connectors.

Students learn the fundamentals of electricity — alternating current; terminology; basic home electrical systems; circuit basics; service panel; circuit breakers and fuses; grounding; National Electrical CodeŽ; cables and wires; and safety.

Cable Installation and Termination by Graymark®
The CablingTech™ Cable Installation Training System gives students extensive training in a realistic work environment. Theory and hands-on experience are provided in three areas to fully prepare students to succeed in cable-installation jobs.

Upholstery I, II and Advancd Upholstery
The Upholstery Course provides instruction in the identification and stripping of furniture as well as the installation and application of springs, webbing, padding and other materials. Such areas as fabric identification, wood furniture framing and related mechanical drawing are included.

The goal of the Upholstery Course is to provide the students with entry level skills as a furniture upholsterer.

From each class, a student who demonstrates exceptional aptitude for upholstery, has demonstrated leadership, and is reliable is selected to continue for an additional 5 weeks of Upholstery.  These students are expected to assist with teaching the basic skill sets, provide skills modeling, and learn more advanced upholstery skills.

Upholstery service is available to the general public. Please contact us at upholstery@midatlanticyouth.com for more information. Click here to download Upholstery Request Form.

LEGOŽ robotics uses LEGOŽs as a fun tool to explore robotics, mechanical systems, electronics, and programming. This seminar is primarily a lab experience which provides students with resources to design, build, and program functional robots constructed from LEGOŽs and a few other parts such as motors and sensors.

To introduce students to world of robotics where students have fun building robots and learning about real-life applications of robotics, including the underlying engineering and logic concepts.  They also create practical robots that can tackle authentic scenarios and problems, whether for common household chores or industry-applications.

Available at PACC, youth are taught general culinary arts skills while enrolled in the program. Participants are taught basic cooking, baking and kitchen maintenance skills while under close supervision of PACC staff. Youth who complete the program, will have the general skills that will allow them to seek employment in the community in the food service industry, as well as the skills necessary to live on their own.


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